The magic of Arthur McArthur

There are those who’ve claimed they’ve swam with him during hot summer days in Otter Lake.

There are those who’ve seen the magic ripples his fins leave at dusk each night just off the fishing docks.

There are those who’ve never witnessed the elusive Arthur McArthur but know his colourful tail, sprinkles childhood magic throughout Fisherman’s Cove Tent & Trailer Park Resort.

Since 1971, generations of campers have enjoyed the time-honoured tradition of reminiscing about their adventures of searching for Arthur McArthur across both land and water throughout the rolling campground.

The tall trees which surround each campsite often whisper his secret hiding spots to those who carefully listen. They’ll tell you he enjoys lounging poolside on rainy days, sliding down one of the tube slides at the neighbourhood playgrounds, sunbathes during a boat ride up the canals and uses the wooded nature trails as a secret hiding spot to avoid being caught by the friendly fisherman.

Arthur loves that children of all ages look forward to their summer camping adventures where, catching a glimpse of him is the only thing on their minds.

The magic of Arthur McArthur encourages campers to escape the demands of their busy lives, kick back and remember that simple pleasures like a game of hide and seek, toasted s’mores and Grandpa’s campfire stories.

Next time you’re enjoying Fisherman’s Cove, see if you can spot the elusive Arthur McArthur.