About Us

For 50 years, Fisherman’s Cove has been committed to helping families create and enjoy priceless family memories retold for years to come.

The McArthur family has created a place where parents can escape the demands of their busy lives and a place where grandparents can enjoy spending quality time with their family.

Fisherman’s Cove initially started as a fishing camp. In 1971, Allen and Wilda McArthur and their two children, Richard and Kimberly moved on site. The property started as 150 acres of rolling land overlooking the 200-acre spring-fed lake. On June 12, 1995, the McArthur Family expanded the property which enlarged the Fisherman’s Cove Resort Area.

Wilda & Allen McArthur

Since inception, the McArthur’s have planted more than 100,000 trees which now sweep the skies at over 30 feet tall. Fisherman’s Cove Tent & Trailer Park Resort is nestled in a wonderful forest home to birds and deer. If you listen closely when the winds blow, you can hear the trees whisper stories about all the family memories they’ve witnessed.

Today, Fisherman’s Cove Tent & Trailer Park Resort has expanded to include more than 250 acres of property with approximately 500 sites in the RV Park and a 200-acre spring-fed lake with groomed beach area, boat launch, fishing dock and exceptional pike and bass fishing opportunities.

Your family will benefit from the facilities the McArthur’s have created and you have the opportunity to create camping memories now that will last and be enjoyed for a lifetime.

The McArthur Family and staff welcome you and your family to come visit them at Fisherman’s Cove Tent & Trailer Park Resort.

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